Mentor On Demand

Heippa connects people seeking guidance to those who can provide it. We help people to gain knowledge and skills otherwise unavailable for them. Service has been developed in co-operation with Finnish NGO’s and it’s purpose is to generate and share social capital.

Mentor search

Heippa helps you to find a mentor for a topic you seek guidance for. You can search for mentors based on keywords, organisations and events.


Direct contact

With Heippa you can connect with mentors directly with voice calls and chat messages. You can have a sustained conversation with your mentor.



You can use Heippa anonymously and confidentially. The service does not require registration and we don’t collect personal data. The data is stored on servers, which are located in Finland.


Edutech from finland

The Finnish education system and our educational innovativeness are among the best in the world. Heippa is developed in Finland and it uses mobile technology to combine North-American and Asian mentoring models and fuse them together with Finnish educational knowhow.

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now available for download

Heippa is joined by a group of finnish ngos

Sept 6, 2016

Heippa is now available for download for iPhone and Android. Heippa is brought to you in co-operation with Lasten ja nuorten säätiö, Startup Refugees, Terapiaa terveille and Vamos. We will be excited to announce more parents shortly!

Heippa is an easy way to search for mentors and connect with them anonymously & confidentially.

For NGO’s and corporations Heippa is a tool to make mentoring programs more structured, goal orientated and measurable.


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Heippa FOR Ngos AND Corporations

Our vision places our technology in the hands of the organisations and institutions most experienced in helping others. We seek to serve the needs they have to performtheir core functions most effectively. In practice, this means the development ofdigital communications tools, which are secure, confidential and adaptable to thefluctuating financial situations many organisation experience.

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