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Our vision places our technology in the hands of the organisations and institutions most experienced in helping others. We seek to serve the needs they have to performtheir core functions most effectively. In practice, this means the development ofdigital communications tools, which are secure, confidential and adaptable to thefluctuating financial situations many organisation experience.

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…be sure to wear your SXSW interactive badge on your person —then come and visit our Heippa team at Team Finland SXSW Trade Show booth, or catch up with us at Nordic Lighthouse for drinks & chat.

WE‘re going live soon!

Heippa is a tool for individual empowerment and a technology platform dedicated for the collaborative economy of generating and sharing social capital.
Heippa connects people seeking guidance to those who can provide it.

Available soon for download!

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Have you learned lessons in life, which you would like to share? Come and join us!
Let us know what kind of topics you could cover as a mentor and we get back to you.



March 8, 2016

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RISE 2016

Heippa GOES to hong kong!

April 19, 2016

Heippa has been selected to be part of the ALPHA class of 2016 at RISE. With the selection, we have been awarded a booth to make our case for investors and partners. We are going to Hong Kong! YAY!!